I love my action adventure movies! And Captain America is no exception :)
FAR GONE cover Laura Griffin
Laura Griffin's debut hardcover FAR GONE is available today! Read her thoughts about writing, and more.
Writing a series is a major decision -- and a commitment. What are the pros and cons?
Welcome MSW guest Grant Blackwood on whether writing talent is born or made.
Apr, 16

Captain America 2

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Apr, 10

Starting in the Middle of a Series

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Apr, 09

Writers: Nature or Nurture?

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Apr, 07

BREAKING! Cold Snap a finalist in the Thriller Awards!

Allison Brennan, Books, Books, Books!
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Books, Books, Books!
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Allison Brennan, Life, Love, & All That Jazz
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James Bond vs. The Spook

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Travel, With Kids

Allison Brennan, Life, Love, & All That Jazz
Feb, 24

Welcome J.T. Ellison!

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