I am thrilled to have USA Today bestselling author Jessica Scott here at Murder She Writes to talk about ... hamsters!
I love Blacklist -- this video is one reason why.
Laura Griffin and me -- photo taken by Toni Causey during RT :)
Second Exclusive excerpt to HIT AND RUN ... available now wherever ebooks are sold!
Moreno & Hart, Book Two -- excerpt, links, more
Jul, 21

Moreno & Hart Mysteries, Part II

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Jul, 18

Moreno & Hart Mysteries

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Jul, 08

So Many Books, So Little Time…

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Jul, 07


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Jul, 01

Welcome Guest Tim Weaver

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Jun, 26

Guest Blogger: Keeping the Mythic Distance

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Jun, 24

Conference Season: Attire

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Jun, 18

COMPULSION — Max Revere #2

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Jun, 11

New Feature! Writer Wednesday

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Jun, 09

Old Books

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