Elizabeth Heiter is my guest today talking about writing the second book!
COMPULSION copyedits due Sept 3 ... this is the second Max Revere book (out April 7, 2015!)
Updates! Bouchercon, Lucy Kincaid, and more
Where I get my ideas, at least some of the time ...
THE JUDGE -- movie starring Robert Downey, Jr and Robert Duvall. Yes!
Oct, 12

Truth is Stranger than Fiction

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Sep, 10

Cover Reveal

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Sep, 04

Writer Wednesday: Etiquette

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Aug, 26


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Aug, 13

Writer Wednesday

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Jul, 29

Hamsters and Romance Novels: Who Knew

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Jul, 18

Moreno & Hart Mysteries

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Jun, 24

Conference Season: Attire

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Jun, 18

COMPULSION — Max Revere #2

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Jun, 11

New Feature! Writer Wednesday

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